Sep 05
PPT    TODO Introduction

Sep 10 and Sep 12
PPT    Spatial Descriptions and Transformations

Sep 17
PPT    Worked Problems: Spatial Descriptions and Transformations

Sep 19
PPT    Fiducial Registration

Sep 24
PPT    Fiducial Registration Part 2
MATLAB code for Horn's method

Sep 26
PPT    Shape-Based Registration
ICP (Besl and McKay)
Binning nearest neighbor methods (Greenspan, Godin, Talbot)
Robust ICP (Ma and Ellis)
Least median of squares

Oct 03
PPT    Fiducial Target Registration Error

Oct 10
PPT    Shape-Based Target Registration Error

Oct 15
Mahalanobis distance to plane
Covariance-based registration

Oct 17
PPT   Calibration

Oct 22
PDF   Digitization Methods

Oct 24
PPT   Imaging

Nov 5
PPT   Images

Nov 7
PPT   Images 2

Nov 12
PPT   Images 3

Nov 14
PPT   Images 4

Nov 19
PPT   Checklists