Math/EECS1028: Discrete Math for Engineers
Winter 2015

Read the problem of the day.


  1. Solutions to quiz 5 are here.
  2. Solutions to quiz 4 are here, here and here.
  3. Solutions to quiz 3 are here.
  4. An old final for EECS 1019 is here and the solutions are here. Note that graphs were not included but algorithm analysis was for that course.
  5. Optional problem solving session today (Friday) during class hours.
  6. Assignment 1 marks are on ePost.
  7. From Ch 10, 11 you need to know definitions of a graph, a tree, bipartite graphs, complete graphs, subgraphs, induced subgraphs, planar graphs, cycles, graph colorings, graph isomorphism and matching. You should be able to determine if a given graph is 2-colourable, argue why not (if it is not), and find maximum matchings in small bipartite graphs. You should be able to determine if two given small graphs are isomorphic.
  8. Regular classes have ended. Quiz on Wednesday in class for all students on Tutorials 3 and 5 (Logic only, not sequences).
  9. Test 3 marks are on ePost.
  10. Test 2 marks are on ePost.
  11. I am away or 2 days and Professor Eric Ruppert will teach in my place on April 1. I will not have office hours on Thursday.
  12. The deadline for assignment 2 is extended to April 6 because of your other deadlines and tests.
  13. Study session today (March 24) 2:30-4pm at BC 203.
  14. As announced in class last week tutorials will run as normal this week. There will be a quiz for the Friday section but not for the Monday sections this week. The quiz will be on the problems from Tutorial 5 and 7.
  15. Test 3 is postponed by a week to Mar 27.
  16. I have been told that classes resume on March 11 (details here).
  17. Tutorial problems due to be covered this week are uploaded. Also I am starting a problem of the day to get you to think about Math as we wait for classes to resume. Go to the problem of the day by clicking here. Solutions will typically appear a day later.
  18. Due to the strike, all classes and labs are suspended at York until further notice. Official York U announcements regarding the strike are here. If you use Twitter, you can also monitor this feed.
  19. The solution to assignment 1 is here.
  20. As mentioned in class the due date of assignment 1 is Feb 25th, not 23rd.
  21. You need not complete Q4 of assignment 1. You can hand it in with the next assignment. If you have done it and prefer to hand it in, that is ok too.
  22. An announcement from your class representatives is here.
  23. Assignment 1 is online. The deadline is Feb 23 not Feb 21.
  24. Minor updates to the test 1 syllabus, as discussed on Jan 26 in class.
  25. I will be present at the study session organized by your class representatives, in Bethune 105B on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
  26. An announcement from your class representatives is here.
  27. You are invited to participate in the York Programming contests. The first one is on Thursday January 15, 16:00-18:00 in Lassonde 1004. For more details click here.
  28. Consider being a class representative: see here for details.
  29. Welcome to Math/EECS 1028!

General Information

Instructor: Suprakash Datta
Office: CSEB, room 3043
Telephone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 77875
Facsimile: (416) 736-5872
Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:30-2:30 pm in Curtis Lecture Hall (CLH) G
Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday: 1 - 3 pm or by appointment, in CSEB 3043.
Email: [lastname] (While you are free to send me email from any account, please realize that email from domains other than have a higher chance of entering my spam folder. I do check my spam folder irregularly , but to be safe, consider using your cs account when sending me email.)


Grades can be checked online by clicking here
  1. Three in-class tests (15% each). [Note that the test in which a student gets her/his minimum mark will be weighted down to 5%]
    1. Test 1: Jan 30 (at class time). Syllabus: Everything covered upto and including Jan 23, i.e., Sections 1.1, 1.2 (only the section titled "Translating English Sentences" (pg 16-17), 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4. Omit the section on Page 15, and the part on Recurrence relations and Special integer sequences starting at the bottom of page 157 and ending on the bottom of page 162. Logarithms - Appendix 2. Inference in Propositional Logic, Sec 1.6, upto and including Pg 75.
      Some sample problems are here and the solutions are here.
      Solutions to test 1 are here and here.
    2. Test 2 - Feb 27, at class time.
      Syllabus: Everything covered from Jan 26 upto and including Feb 11. Sections 1.3 (skip the part titled "Propositional satisfiability" on page 30 to page 34),1.4 (omit pages 50,51,52),,1.7,1.8 (omit pages 103,104,105),5.1.
      Some sample problems are here and the solutions are here.
      Solutions to test 2 are here and here.
    3. Test 3: Mar 27 (postponed by a week from Mar 20)
      Syllabus: Everything covered from Feb 13 upto and including Mar 20. Strong Induction (5.2), Cardinality (2.5), Pigeohole Principle (6.2), Counting (6.1, 6.3, 6.4). Solutions to test 3 are here and here.
  2. Homework (15%): Three sets, 5% each
  3. Tutorials (10%): Every second tutorial will have a short quiz (making a total of about 5 quizzes). These will carry a weight of 2% each. If you get all questions correct, you get 2%, If you do not but have attended both tutorials then you get 1% extra subject to a max score of 2%. If you do not attend the quiz you get no marks, except if you have a documented medical reason.
  4. Final (45%): (set by the registrar's office).
    Syllabus - everything covered.
    Time/date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015, 9:00- 12 noon in ACW 006, ACW 005



The tutorial times are:
Tutorial Section 1 : M 14:30-16:30 TEL 1005
Tutorial Section 2 : M 19:30-21:30 CLH 110
Tutorial Section 3 : F 14:30-16:30 CLH 110


  1. The first assignment is here. The deadline is Feb 25, 1:15 pm, not Feb 21.
    The solution to assignment 1 is here.
  2. The second assignment is here.
    The solution to assignment 2 is here.
  3. The last assignment is here.
    The solution to assignment 3 is here.

List of Topics

A list of topics and expected learning outcomes is here.



Other References

Academic Honesty

It is important that you look at the departmental guidelines on academic honesty.

Although you may discuss the general approach to solving a problem with other people, you should not discuss the solution in detail. You must not take any written notes away from such a discussion. Also, you must list on the cover page of your solutions any people with whom you have discussed the problems. The solutions you hand in should be your own work. While writing them, you may look at the course textbook and your own lecture notes but no other outside sources.

Important Dates

See this page for the full list. There are no classes on Feb 16 (Family day) and April 3 (Good Friday).

Missed test/exam

If you miss a test or the final due to medical reasons you are required to contact the instructor within 7 days of the scheduled exam with documentation. York University has a new form that your doctor should fill out. You can download it by clicking here.

If you miss an assignment or test the weight will be transferred to the final. If you miss the final, you have to get the instructor to sign a deferred standing agreement within 7 days of the scheduled exam (the instructor has the right to refuse to agree, and in that case the student can petition to take the deferred examination). The department will arrange for a deferred examination at the beginning of the following term.