EECS 4070

Computer Vision

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May 21 2021


The midterm. The Final.

Notes on cameras. Ch. 1.1 and 1.2 from the book.

If you want to review rigid transformations (Sec. 1.2.1) here are some notes on rotation matrices and related topics.

Notes on Kalman filter.

Assignment I.

A paper on motion segmentation.

Chapter 4 in the textbook covers Linear operators, but if you need some of my notes, here they are.

The source code for MediaMath and documentation. To use the cameras you need the V4L2 module for webcam type cameras and the FlyCapture module for machine vision cameras. The CRS code.

MediaMath example of derivative filters.

The corner detector code we did Monday Oct. 26.

In the lecture before the midterm we will review this old test. And maybe this.

Notes for the derivation of the essential matrix.

Notes for optical flow.

Note for regularization.

The last lecture will be a review this old final.

Lab Assignments.

Lab Assignment I.

Lab Assignment II.

To help you get a project idea click here.