EECS 4070

Computer Vision

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May 21 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for the lab report? For each question you include: 1. One or two page description of what you did, the math involved, the experimental set-up (special lighting, choice of subjects etc). 2. A few pictures, graphs, diagrams as appropriate and a few short comments on the experiments. 3. Printout of your code (Matlab, C, Maple, whatever).

What should the project proposal contain? The proposal should be about two pages long and contain the following: 1. a layman's description of the project, 2. a technical description of the techniques that will be used, 3. a list of resources like OpenCV or Matlab repositories, or resources available in the lab like robot arm, cameras, etc, 4. a list of the components that you will develop, 5. discussion on how the project will be evaluated, safety issues, etc and 6. what will be the challenges and what are the critical components of the project.

What should we include in the project presentation? The presentation should be about 5 minutes, have an introduction and statement of what you did, how you did it (this has to be technical but appropriate for the level of understanding of the class and the time alloted), and some pictures or short video from the experiments.

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