CSE2001: Introduction to Theory of Computation
Winter 2013

General Information

Instructor: Suprakash Datta
Office: CSEB, room 3043
Telephone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 77875
Facsimile: (416) 736-5872
Lectures: Mon-Wed, 2:30-4 pm in Curtis Lecture Hall M
Office Hours (tentative): Mon 4-6 pm, Tue 3-4 pm, or by appointment
Email: [lastname]@cse.yorku.ca (While you are free to send me email from any account, please realize that email from domains other than yorku.ca have a higher chance of entering my spam folder. I do check my spam folder irregularly , but to be safe, consider using your cs account when sending me email.)
TA: Paria Mehrani, email: paria at cse.yorku.ca



Grades can be checked online on ePost here (you need your CSE login/passwd to access it).






Other References

Academic Honesty

It is important that you look at the departmental guidelines on academic honesty. Although you may discuss the general approach to solving a problem with other people, you should not discuss the solution in detail. You must not take any written notes away from such a discussion. Also, you must list on the cover page of your solutions any people with whom you have discussed the problems. The solutions you hand in should be your own work. While writing them, you may look at the course textbook and your own lecture notes but no other outside sources.

Marking Scheme

4 assignments, weighted equally 20%
Test 1 20%
Test 2 20%
Exam 40%

Important dates