CSE/MATH 1019, S1 2010

CSE/MATH 1019: Discrete Math for Computer Science
Summer 2010

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General Information
Important Dates
Homework Assignments


  • (June 14) Practice final is posted in the Homework section of the website.
  • (June 7) Review session next Monday in our usual room at our usual time. Also, I will extend my office hours on Wed. to go from 4:00-8:00pm
  • (June 7) Tutorials this week: Tuesday 4-6; Thurs. 4:45-6:00
  • (May 31) The final exam will be Friday, June 18 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm in CLH G
  • (May 31) No tutorials this week.
  • (May 26) There will be a tutorial Thursday, May 27 in Vari Hall 3006.
  • (May 19) We have a room change! We are now in Ross NORTH 203. This gives us a bit more room.
  • (May 17) There will be a midterm review on Tues., May 18 from 4:00-6:00pm in Vari Hall 3006. It will be run by the TA (Martin).
  • (May 17) For the midterm on Wednesday, you may use a one page (8.5 x 11) cheat sheet -- both sides. I have posted solutions to assignment 1 below.

  • (May 10) Assignment drop-off box will be in the Ross Bldg, not in the CSE Bldg. as it says in the Course Information handout. It is on the 5th floor of the North section by the elevators. Please contact me if you have trouble handing your assignment in.

  • (April 28) First class (May 3) CANCELLED. Sorry! I have to be at a conference. I will not be there on May 5 either, but class will be held. Professor Datta has kindly agreed to fill in for me. Be sure to do the reading assignment and the recommended exercises, and look at the homework assignment (due May 12).

    General Information

    Instructor: Wendy Ashlock
    Office: Computer Science Building, Signal Processing Lab, Room 2052
    Lectures: Monday and Wednesday 6:00-9:00pm in Ross Bldg, Room S205
    Email: [my first initial][my last name]@cse.yorku.ca

    The best way to contact me is by email. Please start your subject line with "1019" and sign the email with the name you used to register for the class.

    Office Hours

    Monday and Wednesday, 4:00-5:30
    If you want to make an appointment for another time, send me email.

    Academic Honesty

    It is important that you look at the computer science department's guidelines on academic honesty.

    The homework must be your own work. While consultations with me, the TA, and other students are part of the learning process and are encouraged, you must write out your own answers. Do not copy someone else's work.

    Marking Scheme

    Homework assignments30%
    Final exam40%

    Important Dates

    First class May 5
    Midterm May 19
    Victoria Day -- no class May 24
    Drop deadline May 28
    Last class June 9



    Other References


    This section will be filled in as we go. These readings refer to sections of the course textbook. It is important not to fall behind with your reading.

    You should do the reading before class, if at all possible. You will get more out of the lecture if you do. Do the recommended exercises after the lecture. If you have trouble with one particular exercise, do more similar ones. Doing this will make studying for the midterm and final a breeze. Note that there will be more than one line in the table associated with each date.

    The back of the text contains answers for odd-numbered exercises. (In some cases the answers are very brief to save space; you would be expected to show more work.)

    We will be covering:
    Chapter 1: Logic and Proofs
    Chapter 2: Sets, Functions, Sequences and Sums
    Sections 3.1-3.3: Algorithms
    Sections 4.1-4.3: Induction and Recursion
    Sections 5.1-5.2: Counting
    Sections 7.1-7.3: Recurrence Relations
    Sections 9.1-9.2: Graphs

    DateSectionRecommended Exercises
    May 51.15,7,15,19,23,29,63
    May 51.21,7,9,15,19,25,41,59
    May 101.37,11,33,35,37,47,59
    May 101.41,9,19,21,27,45
    May 121.53,15,19,23
    May 121.61,11,17,23
    May 121.75,21,37,41
    May 172.11,5,7,13,19,25,35
    May 172.23,5,19,25
    May 192.33,5,15,23,45
    May 192.45,13,19,31,35
    May 263.19,19,23,35,43
    May 263.21,19,23
    May 263.37,8,23,27
    May 314.13,7,21,31,43
    May 314.25,11,13
    May 314.39,13,23,45
    June 25.13,9,19,27,33,43,59
    June 25.27,15,21,25,41
    June 77.111,23,25
    June 77.23,7,11,15
    June 77.37,11,13,17
    June 99.11,15,21
    June 99.25,20

    Homework Assignments