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CSE 1030: Introduction to Computer Science II

Winter 2013-14

Department of Computer Science and Engineering



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Test and Solutions For Winter 2013-14

Week Test Solution
Week of Feb 10 Programming Test 1   
Written Test 1
written test solutions
Week of Mar 10 Programming Test 2   
Written Test 2
written test solutions

Test and Solutions For Fall 2013-14

Week Test Solution
Tue Oct 8
Thu Oct 10
Test 1 (Tuesday)   
Test 1 (Thursday)
Circle.java,     CircleTester.java
Rps.java,     RpsTester.java
Thu Nov 7 Test 2 (Shape) Test 2
Tue Nov 12 Test 2 (PointMatcher) Test 2
Exam Sample written questions
Recursion programming questions