Open Positions:

PhD, Master's, and Undergraduate Student Positions:

I am always looking for highly motivated, self-driven, and hard-working students to join my research group. Another important quality I look for in students is self-motivation: as a PhD student you need to proactively drive and manage your own research progress. I also like students who are passionate (i.e., enjoy doing research), curious (e.g., identify new research problems), patient (e.g., research is a long way), like reading (i.e., I expect you to read latest research papers every week). For programming skills, I expect students to have basic knowledge in static code analysis and machine learning. In addition, my research often involves data analytics, thus basic knowledge in statistcs is big plus.

At York EECS, PhD and thesis-based Master's (i.e., MASc) students are fully funded.
Visiting scholars:
I am also open to host long-term and short-term visitors scholars/students at any time. If our research interests overlap, I am happy to discuss with you the possibility of hosting you at York --- please drop me an email.
For Masters/Undergraduate student already at York:

If you are already enrolled in York, the best way is to take my class. Students with good performance in class have the chance to join my lab to work on real research projects.

How to apply?

The best thing to do is to read several of my recent papers, and then write me a brief email (with your CV attached) explaining: 1) why you want to get a PhD/ Master and 2) what research problems you are interested in.

I am very lucky to work with outstanding students:

Alumni - Graduate Students:
Alumni - Undergraduate Students:
  • Reem Al Eithan (URA; Winter 2021; Gold Medal at the ACM student Research Competition 2021 ; First Employment: Huawei)
  • Elijah Nnorom (Winter 2021; First Employment: TD)
  • Abarna Kucheri Subburaman (Winter 2020; First Employment: BMO)
  • Nishtha Shrestha (Winter 2020; First Employment: Toronto Public Library)
  • Siddharth Bhardwaj (Winter 2020; First Employment: Amazon)
4080/4070 Students::
  • Jingya Su (Winter 2022); Project: Studying the Testing Practice of Python Libraries In the Wild
  • Zhifeng Yao (Winter 2022); Project: Towards Building Machine Learning based Prediction Models For Software Security Vulnerabilities
  • Jiajun Zhou (Summer 2021); Project: An Empirical Evaluation of Android Testing Frameworks
  • Yixi Zhao (Summer 2021); Project: Automated Unit Test Generation for Python Projects
  • Ofoezie Obinna Michael (Summer 2021); Project: Software Bug Detection Techniques
  • Zijian Chen (Fall 2020); Project: Mining Project-Specific Rules for Bug Detection in Machine Learning Libraries
  • Xinqi Chen (Fall 2020); Project: A Study of Static Software Bug Detection for Machine Learning Libraries
  • Reem Al Eithan (Summer 2020); Project: Towards Building Explainable Software Bug Prediction Models
  • Nishtha Shrestha (Winter 2020); Project: Benchmarking Automatic Test Case Generation Approaches on Machine Learning Applications