Graduate Supervisions

In Progress
Farzana Yasmeen (Ph.D.), September 2015 - present.
Dariush Eskandari, (M.Sc.), September 2015 - present.
Reza Soltani (Ph.D.), September 2014 - present (co-supervised by Prof. A. An).
Hazem Ibrahim (Ph.D.), September 2012 - present.
Completed Ph.D.
Mohammad Reza Faghani (Ph.D.), "Malware Propagation in Online Social Networks: Modeling, Analysis and Real-world Implementations," June 2017.
Celia Li (Ph.D.), "Efficient Security Protocols for Fast Handovers in Wireless Mesh Networks," July 2015.
Lan Nguyen (Ph.D.), thesis title "High Performance Multicast in Multi-channel Multi-radio Wireless Mesh Networks," January 2012.
Completed M.Sc.
Yang Yang (M.Sc.), co-supervised by Prof. N. Vlajic, "Modeling of Human Web Browsing Based on Theory of Interest-Driven Behavior," June 2016.
Alireza Moghaddam (M.Sc.), " Impacts of Channel Switching Overhead on the Performance of Multicast in Wireless Mesh Networks," November 2015.
Farzana Yasmeen (M.Sc.), " A Message Transfer Framework for Enhanced Reliability in Delay and Disruption-Tolerant Networks," September 2015.
Sanjay Kaushik (M.Sc.), "York University Safety App Location Sensing Enhancement," August 2015.
Maria Angel Marquez Andrade, co-supervised by Professors Natalija Vlajic and Hamzeh Roumani, project title "XBANK: Testbed Platform for Cross-site Request Forgery," June 2014.
Roman Glistvain (M.Sc.), co-supervised by Professor Mokhtar Aboelaze, thesis title "Romantiki O/S - Networking Operating System for Limited Memory Embedded Devices," April 2010.
Yi Zheng (M.Sc.), project title "Performance Evaluation of Multicast Routing Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks," September 2009.
Jin Xu (M.Sc.), thesis title "Multicast Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks," October 2006.
Lan Nguyen (M.Sc.), thesis title "A Study of Different Types of Attacks on Multicast in Mobile Ad hoc Networks," September 2006.
Guohua Xu (M.Sc.), co-supervised by Professor Amir Asif, project title "A Video Multicast Scheme for Hand Held Devices in Wireless Adhoc Networks," December 2005.
Van Ngo (M.Sc.), thesis title "Congestion Control for Multicast," October 2005.
Xing Xiong (M.Sc.), thesis title "High-Performance Multicast in Mobile Adhoc Networks," June 2005.
Minh Nguyen (M.Sc.), co-supervised by Professor Joseph Liu, project title "Animation of an Eigen-based Graph Drawing Algorithm," September 2004.
Other HQP
Nurul Huda (Ph.D.)
Mohammad Mamun (Ph.D.)
Inna Koffman (MSc)
Alaa Yagoub (MSc)
Parastoo Baghaei Ravari (undergraduate)
Herman Singh Badwal (undergraduate)