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Electronics Additive Manufacturing Lab (E-AM)

Research Group Members


Gerd Grau

Principal Investigator
Gerd Grau is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at York University. He received his BA and MEng from the University of Cambridge and his PhD from UC Berkeley in 2016. He has extensive experience fabricating semiconductor devices using printing technology with a focus on organic thin-film transistors. His expertise spans the study of fundamental printing physics, the development of new printing tools using microfabrication, the optimization of material properties through process innovations, and the integration of device process flows.

Paria Naderi

Postdoctoral Researcher
Paria studied atomic-molecular physics for her BSc, mainly simulating light wave propagation in inhomogeneous media. She then studied electronics for her MSc, researching optoelectronic devices such as organic LEDs and Solar Cells. Her research was focused on hybrid organic/inorganic solar cells. During her PhD she was working on printed organic field effect transistors. Her research is aimed at optimizing OTFs in terms of mobility, flexibility and stability for applications in flexible circuits used in wearable electronics.

Aamir Minhas Khan

Postdoctoral Researcher
Aamir Minhas Khan received his Ph.D. degree in Material Physics and Chemistry from Wuhan University of Technology, China in 2015. He is an expert for electrochemical energy storage devices. His research publications appeared in high-quality peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Aamir works on laser-induced graphene (LIG) based micro-supercapacitors.

Milad Ghalamboran

PhD Student
Milad has studied Electronic Engineering at Islamic Azad University Dezful Branch for his B.Sc. For his M.Sc. degree, he studied Electronic Engineering at K.N. Toosi University of Technology and worked on Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD), mainly deposition of ZnO nanoparticles on HOPG, as well as a new way for Graphene exfoliation. Currently, at York University he intends to do research on printing tools and methods to characterize and optimize processing parameters.

Mohamad Kannan Idris

PhD Student
Mohamad Kannan Idris received his B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Istanbul Sehir University in Istanbul, Turkey. His research during his undergraduate degree started with analog integrated circuit design and then he moved to antenna design and fabrication in which he published a conference paper.
He completed his Master's degree at York University on additive manufacturing of sensors for carbon fiber composites. His current interests are printed transistor devices.
Other interests include Arabic calligraphy, travelling and eating tasty international food.

Jie 'James' Qiu

Master's Student
Jiefeng (James) Qiu is a Master's student in Mechanical Engineering at York University co-supervised by Gerd Grau and Garrett Melenka. Jiefeng completed his undergraduate degree at York University. Having specialized in machine element design and instrumentation measurement, Jiefeng explores Structural Health Monitoring of carbon fiber composites and smart soft actuators.

Shrishti Pathak

Master's Student
Shrishti Pathak completed her B.tech. in Computer Science from the Punjab Technical University, India in 2019. From 2019 to 2020 she worked as a Web Developer at Punjab University. From 2020 to 2022 she worked as a Senior Web Developer at Ibay Solution, Mumbai. She joined the E-AM lab in September 2023 as an M.Sc. student. Her research is focused on printed electronics and the development of machine-learning models to predict the characteristics of printed electrodes.

Saumik Shovan

Master's Student
Saumik completed his B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, where he focused his research on solar cells and nanoparticle-based studies. He is currently pursuing his M.A.Sc. at York University, specializing in FDM printing, electrochemical sensing, and laser-induced graphene. His research primarily revolves around developing advanced electrochemical sensors using 3D printing technologies.

Abolfazl Anvari

Master's Student
Abolfazl Anvari is a materials scientist and engineer who graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Tehran, specializing in Materials Science and Engineering. His research focused on 3D printing and biomaterials, with a particular interest in optimizing engineering processes using machine learning techniques. Anvari's current work at York University, under the supervision of Professor Gerd Grau, explores the application of laser-induced graphene for environmental purposes. He is driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to addressing pressing environmental challenges through sustainable materials and engineering solutions.

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Former Group Members

Graduate Students

  • Mohammad Nazeri (now University of Toronto)
  • Yoland El-Hajj (now Parsons Corporation)
  • Babak Badrian (now Arshon Technology Inc.)
  • Mehraneh Tavakkoli Gilavan (now McMaster University)
  • Fahmida Pervin Brishty (now Synopsis Inc.)
  • Md Saifur Rahman (now Dartmouth College)

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Gaurav Garg
  • Pranav Gupta
  • Curtis Jaekl
  • Shree Gupta
  • Vinayak Verma
  • Benno Neuhaus
  • Abhinav Kumar Singh
  • Alexia Manna
  • Ravnik Jagpal
  • Suresh Nambi
  • Osama Malik
  • Xudong 'Oliver' Shen
  • Ragheb 'Rae' Abunahla
  • Luis Pinto
  • Katherine Allison
  • Roberto Sanz Camacho
  • Ario Hadian
  • Navdeep Cheema
  • Tai Dinh