James Andrew Smith, PhD, PEng

York University

Videos of Research and Student Projects

Introduction to Arduino and Fritzing (Open Source electronics software and hardware)

Another introduction to Arduino and Fritzing

Video for ELE 202 using Fritzing (Open Source Electronics software)

Video on Making Parts for Fritzing (Open Source Electronics software)

HIC 2012 Design Report
TEDxRyerson Talk on BiomimeticsGARP-4 Robot in Jena, GermanyGARP-4 Robot in Jena, GermanyHobby Electronics Club Sumo robot at Western Canadian Robot GamesBokeh + Wandboard running ArchLinuxJenaWalker Robot (James’ post doc research)Polar Bear Robot (James’ MSc Thesis work; U of Alberta, Edmonton, AB)Scout II Robot (James’ PhD work; McGill University, Montreal, QC)PAW RobotPAW Robot