James Andrew Smith, PhD, PEng

York University

Course Taught or Developed

Teaching Awards & Award-Winning Curriculum

In 2013 I won the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department’s Teaching award for ELE 604 Sensors and Measurement. This course places a strong emphasis on inductive learning using tools such as MapleSoft’s MapleSim and the Technological Art’s Esduino system. In 2009 I won the ELCE Department’s Curriculum Innovations Competition. My winning entry involved the use of rapid prototyping tools in the context of the Robotics and Controls undergraduate curriculum.

I authored or co-authored four winning entries for the peer-reviewed IEEE Real World Engineering Projects curriculum competition. Some of my works can be viewed on my author profile page. More details are found below.

Teaching Technologies

Some technologies work really well in class. I’ve been experimenting with different approaches and methodologies... here are some of my favourites: