Assignment 1 Due Wed Jan 30, 2013
Solution 1

Assignment 2 Due Mon Feb 25, 2013
Solution 2(final matrix for Q2 not shown)

Assignment 3

Due Mar 25, 2013

Exercise 5.8.4 and 5.8.5 from the textbook

For 5.8.4, you should assume that the pedals of the bicycle drive the front wheel and that the forward velocity v is the forward velocity of the front wheel.

For 5.8.5, you should implement your algorithm in Matlab. You should use your algorithm to draw 1,000 random samples for each of the five sets of values of the control parameters given in the table.

In row 4 of the table, assume that alpha is 70 degrees (not 80 degrees).
In row 5 of the table, assume that alpha is 75 degrees (not 80 degrees).

Submit your Matlab files using the command
submit 4421 a3 your-matlab-files

Assignment 4

Assignment 4 Due Mon Apr 8, 2013