Term: Fall 2010
Class Meetings:
Tuesday and Thursdays, 1-2:30pm
Start/End: starting T Sep 14th, last lecture R Dec 9th
Location (Lecture): CB 115
Location (Labtests): will be conducted in CSEB1004, CSEB1006, or CSEB1002 (see Course Announcements for room bookings)

Prof. Melanie Baljko
mb [at] cse [dot] yorku [dot] ca

Foad Hamidi
fhamidi [at] cse [dot] yorku [dot] ca

When does the class meet in the lecture room and when does the class meet in the lab? Check the course schedule.

The course CSE 3461 3.0 User Interfaces is offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. It is primarily (but not exclusively) taken by students who are in programs such as Computer Science and Digital Media.

From the 2010-11 Calendar:

CSE 3461 3.0 User Interfaces

This course introduces the concepts and technology necessary to design, manage and implement user interfaces UIs. Users are increasingly more critical towards poorly designed interfaces. Consequently, for almost all applications more than half of the development effort is spent on the user interface.

The first part of the course concentrates on the technical aspects of user interfaces (UIs). Students learn about event-driven programming, windowing systems, widgets, the Model-view-controller concept, UI paradigms, and input/output devices.

The second part discusses how to design and test user interfaces. Topics include basic principles of UI design, design guidelines, UI design notations, UI evaluation techniques, and user test methodologies

The third part covers application areas such as groupware (CSCW), multi-modal input, UIs for Virtual Reality, and UIs for the WWW.

Students work in small groups and utilise modern toolkits and scripting languages to implement UIs. One of the assignments focuses on user interface evaluation.

General prerequisites
Course Credit Exclusion: AP/ITEC3230 3.0, AP/ITEC3461 3.0
NCR Note: No credit will be retained by students who successfully completed
AS/SC/COSC4341 3.0 or AS/SC/COSC4361 3.0 before FW99.