ICCV 2019 Tutorial on

Understanding Color and the In-Camera Image Processing Pipeline for Computer Vision

Oct 27, 2019 (Sunday, Half Day Tutorial - PM)
Michael S. Brown
Professor, York University, Canada
Senior Director, Samsung AI Center - Toronto, Canada

Tutorial Description

Color is not a well-understood topic in computer vision. This tutorial aims to address this issue by providing a thorough background on color theory and its relationship to the in-camera processing pipeline and computer vision applications. The tutorial is organized into two parts. The first part provides a background on color theory and color representations, namely the CIE 1931 XYZ color space and its derivatives commonly found in computer vision (sRGB, L*ab, Yuv, etc.). The first part of the tutorial will also discuss routines applied onboard cameras to convert the low-level sensor raw-RGB responses to their final standard RGB (sRGB) colors. These routines include computational color constancy (auto white balance), colorimetric conversion, image demosaicing, image denoising, tone-mapping, super-resolution, and general color manipulation. The second part of this tutorial discusses recent research in the computer vision community on many of these camera pipeline components. The second part of the tutorial will also discuss various misconceptions about color and camera images made in many areas of computer vision.

Tentative Tutorial Schedule

Room 401

Part 1 (1.30PM-3.30PM) : Overview of Basic Color Manipulation and the Camera Imaging Pipeline (2 hours)
Level (Novice)

Coffee Break (3.30PM - 4.30PM)

Part 2 (4.30PM - 6.00PM) : Recent Computer Vision Research on Camera Pipeline Components (1.5 hours)
Level (Intermediate to Advanced)

Tutorial Slides

Link to PDF (link)

Additional Materials

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Preparation of this tutorial was supported by grants and gifts from NSERC, the NSERC Canada Reserach Chair program, the CFREF-VISTA program, Adobe Research, Google Research, Microsoft Research-Asia, and Samsung Research.