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Sebastian Magierowski

Associate Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Lassonde School of Engineering
York University
Lassonde Bldg. 1012B
4700 Keele St
Toronto, ON, Canada M3J 1P3

email:google me or try a link below
phone:1-416-736-2100 x44652
EECS Faculty, Micro/Nanoelectronics Faculty, Biomedical Faculty

Research Area

Micro/nano systems (biomolecular interfaces, analog/digital/VLSI CMOS chips, software)

Current Research

Chip design for molecular sequencing; system design for DNA-based data storage
  • CMOS/DNA interfaces (attaching molecules to chips)
  • mixed-signal chip design (high-speed DNA 'imagers' consisting of low-noise amps, filters, ADCs, I/O)
  • digital system design (computing engine components for arithmetic, memory, I/O, clocking, power regulation, etc)
  • computing architecture design (computer chips for embedded AI and bioinformatics)
  • AI software (machine learning code targeted for our chips)

Other Research

CMOS RFIC and molecular communications
  • microwave wireless receivers
  • millimeter-wave CMOS components
  • parametric circuits
  • on-chip measurement
  • molecular communication
NextGen DNA Machines

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