Jonatan Schroeder

Research Interests

NOTE: I am not a Research-stream Faculty member! As a result I do not typically supervise grad students. If you request for my grad supervision, note that in almost all cases I will delete your email without a response.

My current research initiatives are related to Computer Science Education, in particular related to the development of pedagogical innovations in teaching, creation of teaching tools, and the evaluation of department practices related to the effective recruitment, allotment and selection of Teaching Assistants.

Within Computer Science, my primary area of interest is Computer Systems, broadly defined. This area typically comprises the interface between hardware and software, and includes topics like Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Networking and Security. In particular, I like to engage in topics related to File Systems, in particular Distributed File Systems. This topic allows me to explore the bridge between abstract concepts like files and directories, and the implementation of these concepts in a specific context like a storage medium, a network connection or a virtual environment.

My PhD research involved Unico, a distributed storage platform that provides a single view of all of a user's files in all of their devices. The system provides a synchronization mechanism with transparent access to all files and on demand peer-to-peer transfer of file contents, with no requirement for a centralized service.

My Master thesis topic was a fault-tolerant routing algorithm based on Maximum Flow Evaluation.

My research interests, broadly defined, include:

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