EECS4441 Human-Computer Interaction, Winter 2017

due February 27, 2017, at 11:59 pm


Design and administer a questionnaire to a group of people ("participants"). The questionnaire should collect data on characteristics of the participants and aspects of their interaction with computers. Analyse the data and write a report outlining the topic and related work (Introduction), the methodology (Method) and the results (Results and Discussion).

Further Details

Participants are drawn (ideally, at random) from a population. You may use the York University community as the population or some other population conveniently available to you. The population can be narrowed as appropriate. For example, if you are only interested in Apple Mac users, mobile phone users, or people over the age of 50, you can screen candidate participants and use only those from the desired population. Use at least 25 participants. Hopefully, you can keep participant involvement to 5-10 minutes, but this depends on the data collected.

So, what sort of data are you to collect? A questionnaire usually begins by asking simple demographic information such as age and gender. You can also get more specific information, as relevant to the topic, such as first-language spoken, number of hours per day using a computer, etc. Find possibilities for interesting relationships or ways to summarize, group, and graph the data. The relationships you find, or seek to find, need a plausible explanation. If you want to look for such a relationship, that's fine, but make sure you have a plausible reason (and include it in your report). If, in the end, you don't find the relationship sought, that's fine too. But, an explanation is necessary.


Think about the way information is gathered in the questionnaire. Do not ask for the name of participants. Instead, each is given a code (P1, P2, P3, ...). Below are some examples of questionnaires. They were used in user studies, but give a good starting point for designing your own questionnaire for this assignment.


For the report, please use this template. Save the template on your computer and rename it Report.docx. Read the template for information on sections, sub-sections, formatting, etc. This video might help you with formatting. The final formatted report should be 3-4 pages.

In the Introduction, discuss related work in the literature. Google Scholar is a good tool to find related work. Include citations to at least two papers in the literature (not authored by your professor). The papers you cite must appear the end of your report in a section called References. Format citations and references, as per the examples in the template file.


Submit the following files for your assignment:

You can submit your assignment using the submit command on the Prism workstations: submit 4441 asgn your_files

Alternatively, you can submit online using WebSubmit. Either way, please retain your completed questionnaires for future reference, if necessary.

Good luck.