EECS 1720 Lab 6 Mar 9 & 10, 2017

This lab consists of four programming exercises, which use the following Eclipse project archive Download the file and import it into Eclipse as a project. The four exercises appear below.

To get full marks for this lab assignment, you must:

See also the imagePackage API. The API of the classes in the simulation_Lab06Version package is in the doc directory of the Eclipse project.

Exercise 1

Run the app by invoking You will see that the simulation is a solution to Task #5 from the Lab05 exercises. However, by examining the code base, you will see a number of modifications: Tasks to perform:

Exercise 2

The animation consists of a number of sprites, which are stored in a collection. Notice that the declaration has this form:

private Collection<BasicSprite> myCollection;

whereas the assignment statement is of this form:

myCollection = new ArrayList<BasicSprite>();

Tasks to perform:

Exercise 3

Now we will modify the animation further.

Tasks to perform:


Exercise 4

Tasks to perform: