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EECS 3213: Communication Networks (Summer 2017)

Summer 2017

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Date Lecture Topics Reading (Forouzan) Comments
May 3 Introduction Introduction
Packet Switching updated May 9 Circuit switching vs. packet switching. History of packet switching Ch 1
May 10 Trends in Networking Trends in modern networking
Layers Layered architecture, OSI layers and DARPA layers Ch 2
May 17
May 24 Intro to Physical Layer Differences between analogue and digital signals Ch 3
Practice questions 1
May 31, June 7 Introduction to Decibels and Signal Observation
Physical Layer (continued), updated June 7
Analogue and digital signals.
Transmission of analogue and digital signals
Ch 3, 4 Quiz 1 to take place on June 7
June 14 Line Coding (slide 22 fixed June 16) Encoding digital signals Ch 4
Practice questions 2
Frequency spectrum illustration
June 21 PCM, updated June 27 Pulse Code Modulation Ch 4 Midterm test to take place on June 21 at 17:00 EDT
Lab 1 to be posted by the end of the day
June 28 Digital Modulation ASK, FSK, PSK, QAM
Ch 5.1
July 5 Error Correction (updated July 7)
Error detection and correction Ch 10.1-10.3
Practice questions 3
July 12 MAC p1
MAC p2: Scheduled Access, Channelization
Media Access Control
Scheduled Access algorithms
Ch 12 Quiz 2
Lab 2 posted
July 19 LANs (short summary) (updated Aug 1) Local area networks, connecting LANs Ch 13
Practice questions 4 and FAQ
Quiz 1 solutions (added Aug 1)
Quiz 2 solutions (added Aug 1)
Midterm solutions (added Aug 1)
Final exam format: 12 pages, 27 questions total, 14 multiple-choice (added Aug 9)