Presentations of Research Papers

A set of recently published articles in conference/workshop proceedings and journals will be posted for students to select. Each student chooses one or two papers from the list for his/her presentation. Students may need to refer to and present extra materials not included the selected papers (e.g., backgound knowledge to help the audience understand the papers better).

Alternatively, students may suggest papers of their own choice. In this case, each student will suggest 2-3 papers and the instructor will select one or two for the presentation.


Note: The talks will be graded based on content (student's understanding of the paper, technical delivery, answers to the audience's questions) and presentation style (the slides, clarity, pace, interactions with the audience).


Note: Students' participation during the talks (e.g., asking questions, giving opinions) and handed-in notes count towards the "Class attendance and discussions" grade component.

List of Papers

To be posted.