CSE6335.03 Topics in Virtual Reality, Fall 2013


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General Information

This is a 'special topics' course in Virtual Reality. The goal of this course is to cover a number of topics in virtual reality. Projects involve building virtual reality systems, potentially based on latest-generation hardware, such as the Occulus Rift head-mounted display, a new form of CAVE, or the LeapMotion finger tracking system.

Prerequisite: An introductory course for Computer Graphics or Virtual Reality is recommended for software-centric courses projects.

Topics covered

This course will use discussions around papers from the recent literature to aid students acquire an in-depth understanding of specific research topics as well as a variety of skills useful in academia and industry.

The course project will require designing and implementing novel virtual reality systems. Software implementations are expected to be based on Unity 4. For interaction-centric projects the implementation will be evaluated with other people. Technology-centric projects are expected to accurately measure the technical properties of the implementation. All projects are expected to present the results in a report, in paper format.


Course marks will be based on the following:
Component Percent of final grade Due date (no extensions!)
Weekly VR paper discussions (starting on Sep 18) 25% Weekly on Wednesdays
Individual course project topic chosen, in consultation with instructor. N/A Sep 27
For implementation-heavy projects, implementation due. Deliverable: demo
For evaluation-heavy projects, pilot study with 3 participants done. Deliverable: pilot evaluation report (2-3 paragraphs plus graphs)
20% Nov 15 at noon
Course project evaluation done. Deliverable: output and graphs for technical measurements or for user study data analysis 25% Dec 06 at noon
Course project report done. Deliverable: paper in ACM CHI paper style 30% Dec 13

Lecture Notes, Papers for Discussions & Additional Resources

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