Mobile Communications

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Course Objectives

Textbook: Mobile Communications, by Jochen Schiller
Second Edition 2003, Addison-Wesley (available at the campus bookstore)

Lectures : Tu-Th 5:30 - 7 pm, in Ross N 836
Office hours: Wed-Th 3 - 4:30 pm, or by appointment

References: Principles of Wireless Networks, K. Pahlavan and P. Krishnamurthy.

Evaluation (4215 only): Grades are on ePost.

Term Paper: The term paper requirements are here.

List of topics and Lecture schedule:

  1. Introduction: 1 lecture
  2. Jan 4: Administrivia. Objectives. Course overview. My slides are
  3. The Physical Layer: 2 lectures.
    Jan 6: Introduction to the physical layer. My slides are here.
    Jan 11: Physical layer continued. We will use the same set of slides as the last class, but please note that slides were added to that set.
    Jan 13: Physical layer continued. We will finish the previous set and start this one.
    Jan 19: CDMA, same slides as before.
    Jan 21: CDMA, Intro to MAC. Slides are here.
    Jan 26: Discussion on mobile devices, including Sensor networks. More on MAC protocols. Slides are here.
    Jan 28: Demand assignment protocols. Slides are here. You will find more information about the protocols covered in class here. Feb 2: Demand Assignment protocols continued. Same slides as before. SMAC. More information on SMAC is here -- particularly the June 2004 paper.
    Feb 4: Dinish SMAC, start Ch 7 (Wireless LAN) in the text. Slides are here.
    Feb 9: WLAN continued. Same slides as before.
    Feb 11: WLAN continued. Slides are here.
    Feb 23: Intro to Bluetooth. Slides are here.
    Feb 25: Bluetooth contd. Zigbee, RFID. Slides are here.
    Mar 2: midterm
    Mar 4: Finish bluetooth (same slides as before).
    Mar 9: GSM. Slides are here.
    Mar 11: Finish GPRS (same slides as before). Satellite systems (ch 5). Slides are here.
    Mar 16: Finish Satellite Systems (same slides as before), start Broadcast Systems (Ch 6): slides.
    Mar 18: start Mobile IP (Ch 8): slides.
    Mar 23: More on mobile IP slides.
    Mar 25: Finish mobile IP. Start mobile transport layer. slides.
    Mar 30: Finish mobile transport layer.
    Apr 1: A very brief look at some applications. slides.
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