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First name:  Eugene
Last name:  Roventa


Courses : COSC/ITEC

Eugene Roventa, Professor

Prof. E. Roventa Ph.D.
Computer Science & Engineering Department
York University
CSEB, Room 2043
416-736-2100, extension 70130

Management of Knowledge Imperfection in Building Intelligent Systems, Roventa E., Spircu T.

            Dr. Roventa's professional interests are centered in the area of Artificial Intelligence (Intelligent Computation, Logic Problem Solving, Knowledge Representation and Processing of Imprecise and/or Uncertain Knowledge) and Non Classical Measures.

            The main focus of his present research is in the sub-area of Reasoning Systems with the topics of Fuzzy Logic. His scientific work includes the design of portable software in PROLOG for building fuzzy expert systems and for natural language processing. His book (with M. Reghis ) "Classical and Fuzzy Concepts in Mathematical Logic with Applications" was published in 1998 by CRC Press Florida, USA. A second book concerning logic in French has been published by GREF in 2000, York University.






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GL MATH 1650 F 3.0:

GL ITEC 1010 F 3.0:

GL ITEC 1010 E 3.0:

GL ITEC 1011 E 3.0:

GL COSC 1925 E 3.0:

GL COSC 1925 F 3.0:

GL COSC 1927 E 3.0:

GL COSC 1927 F 3.0:

GL ITEC 2010 E 3.0:

GL ITEC 4030 E 3.0:

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GL COSC 4700 F 3.0 :

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