iShare: A Screen Sharing System for CSE@York 
Designed and Implemented by Hamzeh Roumani

Created SU09

iShare allows a computer on a network to make its screen available to all other computers on the network. The screen appears as a window on the network computers and is continuously updated.

iShare was motivated by the need to enable a lab TA to demonstrate a technique to all students in the lab by actually performing the technique on the TA's machine. Students can watch the process on their screens and then attempt it on their machines.

  1. Preparatory Step (done once):
        cd /cs/course/XXXX
        mkdir peek
        chgrp submit peek
        chmod 775 peek
    Make sure the lab TA is in the submit group.

  2. To start screen sharing, the TA logs in to a workstation and issues the command:
        iShare XXXX
    This will start the iShare server using the default port.

  3. Students are asked to launch a terminal window and type in it:
        peek XXXX

  1. The TA should log in to a workstation in the lab, not to a timesharing server.
  2. In the unlikely event that the default port is being used by another application running on the workstataion, pick any port number P and launch the server using: iShare XXXX P.