Smartphone Image Denoising Dataset

Abdelrahman Abdelhamed1             Stephen Lin2             Michael S. Brown1

1York University             2Microsoft Research

Small Dataset



[Raw-RGB images only (~10 GB)]   MD5: c033f580fb64aa549679d056d1cf796a   SHA1: 932c39f4fc5410dda934a3493ddb46c31b8a5e90

[sRGB images only (~6 GB)]   MD5: 796971867583bf14677dcae510e52538   SHA1: 5a4aa6aa7abcf7b0b56c88ad578fea9a4ff77935

We provide a small version of the dataset that consists of 160 image pairs (noisy and ground-truth) representing 160 scene instances. These images can be used for training/learning purposes.

For each image, the following is provided:

  1. Noisy Raw-RGB image (.MAT).
  2. Ground truth Raw-RGB image (.MAT).
  3. Noisy sRGB image (.PNG).
  4. Ground truth sRGB image (.PNG).
  5. Metadata extracted from the DNG file (.MAT).

Camera Pipeline (Rendering from raw-RGB to sRGB)

We provide a simple and light-weight camera image processing pipeline implemented in MATLAB. This pipeline can be used to render the raw-RGB images into sRGB images with optional tone mapping.

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