MarkWhite: An Improved Interactive White-Balance Method for Smartphone Cameras

Abdelrahman Abdelhamed             I. Scott MacKenzie             Michael S. Brown

EECS, Lassonde, York University

MarkWhite overview


White balance is an essential step for camera colour processing. The goal is to correct the colour cast caused by scene illumination in captured images. In this paper, three user-interactive white balance methods for smartphone cameras are implemented and evaluated. Two methods are commonly used in smartphone cameras: predefined illuminants and temperature slider. The third method, called MarkWhite, is newly introduced into smartphone camera apps. Two user studies evaluated the accuracy and task completion time of MarkWhite and compared it to the existing methods. The first user study revealed that a basic version of MarkWhite is more accurate, slightly faster, and slightly more preferred over the two existing methods. The main user study focused on the full version of MarkWhite, revealing that it is even more accurate than the basic version and better than state-of-the-art industrial white balance methods on the latest smartphone cameras. The collective findings show that MarkWhite is a more accurate and efficient user-interactive white balance method for smartphone cameras, and more preferred by users as well.


Abdelrahman Abdelhamed, MacKenzie I. S., Brown M. S. "MarkWhite: An Improved Interactive White-Balance Method for Smartphone Cameras", Graphics Interface (GI'19), May 2019.

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Code, App, and Demos

Demo video: user studies
Demo video: oudoor usecase

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