UniCon is a console for compiling and running Java apps. Use its help (how-to) menu to obtain a list of the commands it supports. You don't need to download or install UniCon; it is inside type.jar and it can be launched from there as follows:

  • For Windows O/S
    Create a shortcut on the desktop (by right-clicking the desktop background and choosing a new shortcut). Specify the following command for the shortcut (type it carefully):
    \j2sdkxxx\bin\javaw.exe type.uc.UniCon
    and give it any name like unicon (xxx is the SDK version)

  • For Linux or MacOS
    Either create a shortcut as above or write a script like this (note that UniCon is not launched from the directory that contains your java programs):
       cd /
       java type.uc.UniCon
       cd $arg