Version="7A"  ♦  Date="Sept 2010"  ♦  Size="199,451 bytes"  ♦  File="type.jar"
All the packages and applications of TYPE are bundled in one file. Download it (by right-clicking the above link and choosing save) and save it as type.jar in the extension directory of your JDK. On Windows, this directory is:

\Program Files\Java\jdkxxx\jre\lib\ext

where xxx depends on the version of your JDK; it could be 1.6.0_21, which means: release 1.6, minor release 0, update 21). On Linux, it is the jre\lib\ext subdirectory of your JDK root directory. On Mac OS X, it is /Library/Java/Extensions. If you are upgrading to a newer version of TYPE then simply save the new type.jar where the old one was; i.e. overwrite the old one.

Once the download is complete, verify that the file size is as above. If not, use this alternate link and save the file as type.exe. Once the download is done and the size is verified, rename the file to type.jar.

You can now use the type packages by simply importing them, e.g. import type.lib.*;

The above file assumes Java 1.6 or later as target. If you have an earlier version, see the note below.

Note re backward compatibility
If you have Java 1.5 (e.g. Mac OS X 10.5) then download this file instead (size 193,179 bytes) and save it in the extension directory of your JDK.