Welcome to Introduction to Database Systems, EECS-3421 Section B, for Fall term 2020. Lectures are delivered online via Zoom. Materials, instructions, and notices for the class will accumulate at Moodle Class Portal, via links to here over this semester. Our official Moodle Class Portal is at Home|EECS-3421B|Fall 2020|Moodle@York.


Lecture & Office Hour

  • Instructor: Wenxiao Fu (wxfu[at]eecs.yorku.ca)
  • Lecture: 10:00am-11:30am Tuesday & Friday | online (Zoom link via Moodle)
  • Office Hour: 11:30am-12:30pm Tuesday & Friday | online (Zoom link via Moodle)


  • Nasim Razavi
  • Gehad Ouda
  • Amin Omidvar

[3421A]: https://www.eecs.yorku.ca/course_archive/2020-21/F/3421A/ (EECS-3421, Section A) [godfrey]: https://www.eecs.yorku.ca/~godfrey/ #### Section A (the _other_ section) We have a sister class, [EECS-3421A][3421A], this term being taught by [Professor Parke Godfrey][godfrey]. * [Home|EECS-3421A|Fall 2020|Moodle@York](https://eclass.yorku.ca/eclass/course/view.php?id=5410) The two sections are being highly coordinated. The sections have the same syllabus, course components and weights, and projects. The sections have the same TAs. You can proach any of us regarding questions on the topics, regardingless of your section. For **_course-administration_** questions and issues, however — e.g., concerning grades or missed work — you should contact the instructor for _your_ section, of course.


Projects, Tests, &Exam


#### PRISM Account You need a “PRISM” / EECS computer account to do the projects (#2 and onward). If you do not have one, do get one set up. * [PRISM Computer Labs & Equipment][PRISM] * [PRISM _account information_][Account] [PRISM]: https://wiki.eecs.yorku.ca/dept/prism/ (PRISM @ EECS) [Account]: https://wiki.eecs.yorku.ca/dept/prism/accountinfo (PRISM account information) ------------- #### Online resources related to DBMS * [SQL Tutorial](https://www.w3schools.com/sql/) Online SQL Tutorial by W3Schools * [PostgreSQL](https://www.postgresql.org/) Advanced Open Source Relational Database * [PostgreSQL Documentation V11](https://www.postgresql.org/docs/11/index.html) Online Manuals for PostgreSQL Users