EECS 2031 B - Fall 2020

Update Sept. 11 : eClass has been down for most of the day. Check your email for the Zoom link to join the class at 4pm today. If you are auditing, please email for the Zoom link.

Course Outline

Basic Course Organization

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September 11, 2020
Course information
Lecture: zyBook chapter 1 - Introduction to C.
Pre-class reading & homework (R&H): see "Current assignments" in zyBook. Complete "Sept. 11 Reading & Homework".
Reference: Is macOS UNIX?

September 15, 2020
To be posted

Update Sept. 9
The official course web page for now is on eClass.

In case that eClass is down, please check this page for updates and announcements.

To audit the course, please email a request to UIT will add students and assign them as auditors in the course. In the auditor role, students will not be able to submit work for marking. To actually enrol in the course, students have to enrol by September 23.