A2 + FAQ


How do I turn on visible surface determination in the perspective quadrant?
You need to enable the z-buffer algorithm with: gl.enable(gl.DEPTH_TEST);
Make sure you add your name, student number, and prism userid as comments to your code

Any hints?

Take a look in MV.js for vector and matrix helper functions.

The Assignment

Your job is to extend a webGL program so that the user can interactively set camera parameters. The original program resides in /cs/course/3431/camera. The assignment is open-ended and you are given a lot of freedom on how to accomplish this but you will need to use the mouse. (Of course if all you do is use the keyboard don't expect a passing mark.)

You need to print out camera.js (along with any other files you change) and hand them in to me in class. As well, a simple user manual for your interactive program is required. You must also electronically submit your a2 directory which includes all the files (so we can execute them), and documentation (pdf).

You can work in pairs on this assignment.

Revised: Oct 10, 2017