CSE3431 3.0 A: Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics
Fall term, 2017



Instructor: John Amanatides, amana@yorku.ca
Lectures: WF 11-12:30, DB 0007
Office hours: W12:30, BC 207D

TA: Irfa Nisar
Office hours: M11, BC 206

Recommended Textbook

Angel and Shreiner, "Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with WebGL (7th Edition)", Pearson, 2015
Book web site

Brief Overview

This course introduces the fundamental concepts and algorithms of 3D computer graphics. Topics include: an overview of graphics hardware, graphics systems and APIs, object modelling, transformations, camera models and viewing, visibility, illumination and reflectance models, texture mapping and an introduction to advanced rendering techniques such as ray tracing. Optional topics include an introduction to animation, visualisation, or real-time rendering.

After successful completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:

Prerequisites: General prerequisites, EECS 2030, MATH 1025 3.0

Course Evaluation

Work Date (%)
A1 Sept 27 3
A2 Oct 18 9
Midterm Oct 25 25
A3 Nov 15 9
A4 Dec 1 9
Exam Sat Dec 9, 9 am, DB 0005 45

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