` Assignment 4

EECS 3401 Winter 2017 Assignment 4

Available March 27.  Due April 5 at 23:55.

Files for Assignment 4

  1. PDF handout.
  2. coverpage.txt: a cover page to put on top of what you hand in.
  3. othello.swi: starter code for your Othello implementation.
  4. play.swi: interactive game tree search engine (using plain minimax depth-first search).
  5. testboards.swi and testboards.pdf: The first file contains three test boards in PROLOG format. You are to run some evaluations on these as stated in testboard.pdf. First, run your minimax implementation on the test boards and fill in the first table. Secondly, if you have implemented alpha-beta search, run your alpha-beta implementation on the test boards and fill in the second table. In this case, also write one or two paragraphs on page 2, discussing your results in the two tables.
  6. ttt.swi: example implementation of the tic-tac-toe game showing how the game tree search engine can be used.
Note that the .pl files have been renamed .swi so that our web server will let you download them.