EECS 3301 Midterm Test T1


The midterm test T1 format will be closed book. No aids/reference materials will be allowed. Please make sure you have you student photo ID card on you.

The test will cover Chapters 1-5 of the textbook “Concepts of Programming Languages” 11th Edition.

The slides as posted on the course web page are not a substitute for the book. To prepare for the test please read carefully and learn the material in Chapters 1-5.

Due to time limitations, lectures do not cover the book content in full detail so material not presented at lecture time may be included in the test.

The test may include true/false questions, questions that require short answers, questions that require calculations, questions that may require drawing of diagrams, questions that require slightly longer answers, questions that may require writing of short programs using code similar to that used throughout the textbook, and other possible question formats.

Please note that, in order to make sure that everyone in the class gets exactly the same information regarding the tests, the instructor will not answer individual e-mail questions regarding what will be on and what will not be on the tests, because that would not be fair to those students who do not receive such information. If you have any questions related to the tests, please ask such questions during the lectures.