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Programming Language Fundamentals






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Frequently Asked Questions

What material are we responsible for? Everything that we cover in class. The lecture slides will help you focus on the most important topics. If we skip something I will make this clear in class. .

What is covered in the tests? All the material we covered in class. The handouts/slides as posted on the course web page are not a substitute for the course textbook. To prepare for the tests please read carefully and learn the material in the course textbook.

Can I work on the assignments from home? You don't need to be in the PRISM lab to work on your assignments. You can work from home using your own computer and your EECS account for remote access to

What is the submit directory for the assignments? Submit to 3301, e.g. submit 3301 a1 filename, submit 3301 p1 filename, etc.

Can I submit my assignment/project after the deadline? Late submissions will not be allowed so you will get no points for that assignment/project.

What if I miss a test? There will be no make-up tests so you will get no points for the missed test.

How shall I proceed in case of illness? A quad speed course needs full time dedication and even a  short absence of a few days would be detrimental.You may submit the "Attending Physician Statement" form signed  by your doctor but there are no provisions for abscesses. Please understand that in such a short course it is practically impossible to provide accommodations for makeups of assignments, projects, and tests.