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Frequently Asked Questions

How to obtain a PRISM (EECS) account for the labs? Follow the instructions on this page:

When do the labs start? Please have a look at the Dates section.

What is the Lab Handbook for? It contains the prelab exercises. You can do them at home or during the first half of the lab. You will be marked on the assignment (a secret lab questions that will be revealed to you during the lab.)

Is the secret lab question going to be related to the prelabs? Yes, it will be a variant of one of the last questions in the prelabs.

Why does submitting to 2021L directory return an error? This directory does not exist. Submit to 2021 instead.

How long is the make-up lab? Exactly the same format as the regular lab.

What will the secret lab question format be in the make-up lab? The make-up lab will have four secret questions, one for each lab and you will chose to do the one you missed. You can submit only the answer to one question.

Can someone do a missed lab from Part 1 (Labs A, B, C, and D) in the second make-up lab? No. The second make-up lab covers only labs K, L, M, and N.

Is there a prelab for the make-up lab? You do the prelab of the lab you missed.

Do I have to come for the make-up lab if I did not miss any of the 4 labs in the group (Labs A, B, C, and D or  Labs K, L, M, and N)? No.

What is the lab assignment out of? It is out of 4.

What material are we responsible for? Everything that we cover in class. The lecture notes will help you focus on the most important topics. If we skip a section I will make this clear in the class.

What is covered in the midterm? All the material we covered in class. Ch.1 we covered very quickly and there is little actual material in it. The focus, therefore, will be on Ch.2 and possibly Ch.3. Follow the slides to see what we covered. Again the lecture notes are your guide of what is most important.

Can we bring reference materials for the midterm? No, I will provide a summary of the MIPS assembly and few other things that will be enough for the test.

Is the first Verilog lab hard? If you understand full adders and how to use instantiate modules, it is easy. If you practice in advance you can submit/unsubmit your implementation.

What if I missed the Final exam? There will be a department wide deferred exam. Please fill out the forms and submit the paperwork etc. at the u-grad office as this is organized by them, not me.

Do I have to attend the labs? Students are expected to attend the labs in LAS1006 and ask the TA for assistance if they experience problems. We cannot provide lab advise and assistance to students that chose not to come to LAS1006.

What if I cannot access the lab question 90m after the lab started? Make sure that you reload the lab question www page in your browser (press the refresh button). Ask the TA for assistance if the problem persists.

Why do I have to submit all the assignments in the prelabs? The prelab assignments are designed to help you get ready for answering the lab question and submitting them marks the conclusion of the preparation process.

Can I get explanations/clarifications about the lab questions? The lab questions are treated as a test so no individual explanations/clarifications could be given. This is to ensure equal access to information for all students.

What Java environment should I use for LabA? Use a plain-text editor to prepare/edit your  Java programs. Compile your Java files by invoking the Java compiler in a terminal e.g. javac  Test-run your compiled Java code by invoking the Java interpreter in a terminal e.g. java LabA params. All the above should be carried out on the workstations in LAS1006 or on the EECS server Note that only the basic/essential Java features necessary to solve the problem should be used, e.g. no modules.

What environment should I use for the labs? All lab work must be carried out on the workstations in LAS1006 or on the EECS server which will be used for evaluating your submissions. Only the basic software (a text editor, java, javac, xspim, verilog) as introduced in the Lab Handbook should be used. Your submission will be rejected if it requires different/additional tools, software development environments, operating systems, and/or hardware. 

What if things do not work as described in the Lab Handbook? Read more carefully and make sure that you are following the instructions properly (pay attention to every detail in the Lab Handbook). The following steps can help overcome some (very rare) software/hardware system problems. Logout completely then login and try again. Logout, move to another workstation and try again. If the problem persists you should seek technical support with respect to your account and default login setup, etc. The lab monitor should be able to provide guidance about the proper procedures. Note that EECS student accounts are controlled by the technical staff of the Department and neither the TAs nor I have means to check and/or help you with respect to this.