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Important Dates

Undergraduate Summer 2017 Sessional Dates

Lab Weeks

LAB 01 (Mon) M 19:00-22:00 (YK LAS 1006), LAB 02 (Wed) W 16:00-19:00 (YK LAS 1006)
The Monday and Wednesday prelabs on the same week are identical but the assignments (the lab questions) are different.
You cannot change your lab group (must do the lab always on the same day of the week.)

May 1,3: NO LAB (before first lecture)

May 8,10: Lab A. (submit PreA and assignment LabA01/LabA02)

May 15,17: Lab B. (submit PreB and assignment LabB01/LabB02)

May 22,24: NO LAB (Victoria Day)

May 29,31: Lab C. (submit PreC and assignment LabC01/LabC02)

June 5,7: Lab D. (submit PreD and assignment LabD01/LabD02)

June 12,14: Makeup Lab. (submit PreA/PreB/PreC/PreD and ONE assignment LabABCD01/LabABCD02)

June 19,21: Lab K. (submit PreK aand ssignment LabK01/LabK02)

June 26,28: Lab L. (submit PreL and assignment LabL01/LabL02)

July 3,5: NO LAB (Canada Day)

July 10,12: Lab M. (submit PreM and assignment LabM01/LabM02)

July 17,19: Lab N. (submit PreN and assignment LabN01/LabN02)

July 24,26: Makeup Lab. (submit PreK/PreL/PreM/PreN and ONE assignment LabKLMN01/LabKLMN02)