EECS 1022 3.0 Programming for Mobile Computing

Midterm - Version C
20:00-21:15 on July 11, 2017


Before you Start


In this test, you have to develop a mobile app. You are already given the model (Translator class). You have to implement the view and the controller. More details are provided below.


Implement a view that looks as follows.

Note that in the above image at the top it says MidtermB whereas it says MidtermC in Android Studio. You do not have to change this.

The view contains a text box, a button labelled "Translate" and a text field to display the translation. Whenever the button is pressed, the pressed method of the controller is invoked.


The model (Translator class) has already been implemented. Its API can be found here. Do not change this class.


Implement the MainActivity class. Its API can be found here. You may want to add code to the pressed method. In this method, extract the sentence from text box, translate it, and display the translation in the text field.

Submit your code

Before 21:15, submit your code as follows.

You can repeat the above steps as many times as you like throughout the test; every submission overwrites the previous one. Submission of a file does not imply that you can't continue to work on the file and resubmit it.

If you submit after 21:15 but before 21:20, you will get a penalty of 1 point per minute (the test is worth 15 points).