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EECS 1520 3.0 — Computer Use: Fundamentals

Winter 2016


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Cover Page Homework

What to Submit

Create and submit the Cover Page that will be placed at the front of all future labs. You will only be submitting one page, namely the Cover page. Put it in the drop box on the main floor of the Lasssonde Building (LAS). The drop boxes are near the elevator.

Discussion, Hints & Tips

Download and complete the Cover Page found under Resources on the course website. Replace each ? (question mark) with the requested information. DO NOT alter the Cover Page in any way! Don't rearrange the placement of the information on the page and don't add anything else! Enter your name on the Cover Page as it appears on your student card. If you use an alternate first name you can include that, but in addition to the name that appears on your student card.

Suggestion: Organize yourself now for all the labs you'll work on during the course. Create eight folders and label them Lab1, Lab 2, etc. Place a copy of the cover page in each folder and immediately change the lab number on each cover page so that when you print it for the lab in question you won't have the wrong number on it and then be tempted to correct your mistake by overwriting the number with a pen.