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EECS 1520 3.0 — Computer Use: Fundamentals

Fall 2015


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January 3, 2016:
If you missed the final exam, fill out the "Final Exam / Assignment Deferred Standing Agreement" form. If it was due to illness, have your doctor fill out the "Attending Physician Statement" form. If it was due to some other reason, obtain documentation to support your claim. Submit everything to the department office (1012M-LAS) as soon as you are able to come to York. You have five working days to do this. The deferred exam takes place on Thursday, January 14, 4pm to 7pm in CLH-C.

December 14, 2015:
A copy of the cover page of the final exam is available here. Please look over it and note the rules and regulations therein. Note that you will not be given extra time if you arrive late. Also note that exam regulations for the Aviva Centre stipulate that students may not leave their seat during the first 30 minutes or last 15 minutes of the exam.

October 21, 2015:
The final exam will take place on December 21, at 2pm, in the AVIVA (formerly the Rexal) Centre.

September 18, 2015:
The York Bookstore has run out of textbooks for this course, but a new shipment is expected next week.

September 14, 2015:
Microsoft Office 365 is available for free to all York Students. Details are availble on the Computing for Students website.

September 10, 2015:
Welcome to the course! Check back here for updated news.

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