EECS4441 / CSE5351 Human-Computer Interaction

Fall 2014



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TR 13:00-14:30, CC 318




Scott MacKenzie




LAS 3045



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TR 16:00-17:00


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General Information

This course introduces students to the fundamentals, the theory, and the practice of Human-Computer Interaction. The design process, different interaction paradigms, user models, task analysis, dialog notation, interaction models, and the evaluation of user interfaces, are discussed. Furthermore, alternative input technologies (such as speech recognition and tablet computing), groupware, mobile and ubiquitous computing, as well as Virtual Reality user interfaces, are presented. The topics of this course are applied in practical assignments.

Undergraduate students must meet general 4th year prerequisites. CSE 3461 is required. Degree Credit Exclusion: CSE 4341.

Suggested Readings

  MacKenzie, I. S. (2013). Human-computer interaction: An empirical research perspective. Waltham, MA: Morgan Kaufmann. (York library e-book access | book web site)

  Dix, A., Finlay, J., Abowd, G., and Beale, R. (2004). Human-Computer Interaction (3rd ed.). London: Prentice Hall. (on reserve in Stacie Science Library)




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Percent of final grade

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Assignment 1



Oct 20






Dec 10



Midterm exam



Oct 28



Endterm exam



Dec 4



Assignments and projects are due by midnight on the specified day and are to be submitted electronically with the 'submit' command in Prism (unless specified otherwise). Grades can be viewed via the following command in Prism:  courseInfo 4441.

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Sept 8



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Nov 7



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Dec 2



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Dec 7



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Dec 9



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Dec 22


Course Policies

Late assignments or projects will not be accepted, unless prior arrangement has been made with the instructor. Missed midterms are handled in the same way. Note that exceptions to the late policy will be made only in serious cases and if the circumstances are documented and beyond your control. Please see the Departmental WWW page on Academic Policies for details regarding academic dishonesty, etc.