Important: This web site contains information for Section Z only, taught by Prof. Eckford. Common information for all sections is found on the main 1030 course web site, which you must also check.

Questions and Answers Concerning Final Grades

There is a problem with my grade, what can I do?

Contact the instructor.

Not all of my grades appear on ePost / My ePost grades are wrong, what's up with that?

Only your lab grades appear on ePost. Lab 4 grades do not appear on ePost. Your final grades, as recorded in the master spreadsheet, were sent by email to your Prism account; if these conflict with ePost, the email takes precedence.

Why didn't I get an email with my grades?

Messages were sent to the Prism accounts of every registered student in section Z, except those with a deferred standing agreement. If you still didn't receive your grades, contact the instructor.

Is it possible for the grades to change?

Grades are not official until approved by the department. In rare cases, the department may require changes to the grades before making them official.

My mark was very close to an A/B/C+/..., can you bump it up?

No. I reviewed each grade carefully, and they reflect your coursework as well as possible. The grades are final unless changes are ordered by the department.

Can you go back and re-grade one of the earlier tests/assignments?

No. According to the course policies, you must request a grade change within one week of receiving your graded work.

I didn't do very well, is it possible to do an extra credit assignment?

No. There is no provision for extra credit in the syllabus.


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