Issues in Information Integration

York University
Fall 2013
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Instructor: Parke Godfrey
Office: #2050 CSE
Office Hours: We 5-7pm
& by appointment / availability
Ph#: 416-736-2100 x66671
e-mail: godfrey@cse.yorku.ca
Term: Fall 2013
Time: Tu & Th 5:30-7:00pm
Place: Bethune College #228

Welcome to CSE-6490B — Issues in Information Integration — for winter term 2012.

Materials, instructions, and notices for the course will accumulate here over the semester.

There is no assigned textbook for the course. Instead, there will be assigned readings, chosen from journal and conference papers and book chapters on the topics.

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Course notices will accumulate here over the term. Be certain to check here regularly.

Also, be certain to refresh this page via your browser when you visit to ensure that you are not looking at an old, cached copy. Otherwise, you can miss the latest message.

  • Final Exam (Assignment #4), due Friday 20 December, is up: final exam (Assignment #4).

    Remember, it is a choice between the final exam (Assignment #4) and the proposal report.

  • Two last remaining pieces: the proposal report and the final exam.

    Let us change things: do a proposal report or the final exam (at 15%). Due by Friday 20 December, nominally.

    So changes to the marking and deliverables have been as follows.

    1. The reading summaries have been comped. (You don't have to turn in; everyone gets that 10%.)

    2. The role of responder was dropped. So the presentation is worth 20% in all.

    3. It is now a proposal report or the final exam (at 15%).

    4. The weights of deliverables now add up to 80%, not 100%, as stated. So things will be re-normalized by dividing overall by 0.8.


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