Discrete Math for Computer Science
Fall 2012

General Information

Instructor: Jiashu (Jessie) Zhao
Lectures: M 19:00-22:00 160 SLH A
Email: jessie AT cse.yorku.ca
Office Hours: Monday 2:00pm - 4:00pm (TEL 3056)
TA Office Hours: Monday 1-2pm, Tuesday 7-8pm (LAS 2013)

Please only send me emails via your yorku account, and start your subject line with "[1019]". Send the email in plain text, without attachments.

Course Description

In this course, we will learn propositional logic, set theory, simple algorithms, induction, recursion, counting techniques, and writing proofs.

Academic Honesty

It is important that you look at the computer science department's guidelines on academic honesty.

Solutions you hand in for homework assignments must be your own work. Although you may discuss the general approach to solving a problem with other people, you should never discuss the solution in detail. You must not take any written notes away from such a discussion, and you should wait at least one hour after the discussion to write down anything about the homework questions. Also, you must list on the cover page of your solutions any people with whom you have discussed the problems. The solutions you hand in should be your own work. While writing them, you may look at the course textbook and your own lecture notes but no other outside sources.

Marking Scheme

Homework assignments 15%
Test 1 15%
Test 2 15%
Test 3 15%
Final exam 40%


(Jan 1) The deferred final exam will be on Thursday January 10 at 4pm-7pm. The location is Life Sciences Building Room 106.

(Dec 15) There will be TA's office hours on Dec 19th, 2pm-4pm (Location: LAS 2013).

(Dec 12) You may check your marks for Assignment 7 here (updated on Dec 15th). The file is available online till Dec 23.

(Dec 3) The insturctor's office hours will be the same (Monday 2-4pm) till the final exam.

(Dec 2) You may check your marks for previous assignments and tests here. The file is available online till Dec 10.

(Dec 2) Solutions for Test 3 can be downloaded here. Please come to my office hours or contact me by email if you have questions regarding Test 3 marking.

(Nov 22) The final exam will be held on Dec 20th, 2pm-5pm (Location: TM TMEAST).

(Nov 18) Test 3 will cover Ch2.6,3.1-3.3,5.1,5.2,5.5. Please take the test in SLH F (Last name A-L) and SLH A (Last name from M-Z).

(Nov 6) Solutions for Test 2 can be downloaded here.

(Nov 5) Bethune College is hiring PASS leaders for MATH1019 for the winter semester to help students do better. The deadline is exteded for MATH1019. Interested students can find the recruitment letter here.

(Oct 28) Test 2 will cover Ch2.1-2.5. Please take the test in SLH F (Last name A-L) and SLH A (Last name from M-Z).

(Oct 22) Solutions for Test 1 can be downloaded here. If you have questions regarding Test 1 marking, please come to the instructor's office hours.

(Oct 15) TA office hour for any questions regarding Assignment 1 will be on Oct 17th, 11am-12:30. The location is TEL 3056.

(Oct 11) Test 1 will cover Ch1.1-1.8. The location is Room SLH F. After the test, the lecture will start at 8:40pm in Room SLH A.

(Oct 1) There will be no class or office hours on Oct 8th. One extra instructor's office hour will be on Oct 10th, 2pm-4pm.

(Sep 27) The TA's office hour on Oct 1st 1-2pm will be switched to Oct 2rd 1-2pm.

(Sep 23) The tests will be held on Oct 15th, Nov 5th, and Nov 26th, 7pm to 8:20pm.

(Sep 11) The TA office hours start from today (Location: LAS 2013).





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