COSC 6337.03 3D User Interfaces, Winter 2011

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General Information

The course introduces the ways to interact with computers in a three dimensional (3D) environment, where the environment is either fully virtual or represents a mixture of real and virtual. It covers topics ranging from the hardware necessary to interface with virtual worlds, over techniques for interacting with 3D environments, to design and evaluation of 3D user interfaces.
Prerequisite: none

Topics covered

This course will use papers from the recent literature to aid students acquire an in-depth understanding of specific topics. The course project will require designing and implementing novel 3D user interfaces, testing those techniques with real users, and then presenting the results in a report.


Course marks will be based on the following:
Component Percent of final grade Due date (no extensions!)
Weekly 3D UI paper discussions (starting from Jan 13) 25% Weekly on Thursdays
Course project, topic chosen in consultation with instructor. Normally projects are done individually, groups of two only with permission. N/A Feb 04
Course project implementation. Deliverable: demo 20% NEW: Apr 05, 10am, CSEB2001
Course project evaluation. Deliverable: output and graphs from data analysis 25% NEW: Apr 11
Course project report. Deliverable: paper in ACM CHI paper style 30% NEW: Apr 18

Lecture Notes & Additional Resources

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