CSE 4431/5331.03M Advanced Topics in 3D Computer Graphics

Lecture Notes

Any overheads/slides that I use in lecture will appear here, typically a day or so before class. They are in PDF 6-up format (6 slides per page with room for notes). The files are accessible only from machines within York University! If you need access to the lecture notes from machines outside the department log in via 'ssh' (see e.g. http://www.cs.yorku.ca/ssh) and use either 'lynx' (a text browser) or 'wget <URL>' to save the file to your directory. For details on these commands please refer to the respective man-pages. Then retrieve the file via ftp. Do not re-publish the slides on the WWW! Note that, as usual, exams cover all the material in the course. This includes all material as covered in the lectures, labs, and assignments. Everything covered in class (blackboard, in-class discussions, etc) is also considered examinable content.

OpenGL Links

These are only listed for convenience, the course assumes that students already know 3D graphics programming. Links to GLSL information can be found on the WWW page for the first assignment. Note that OpenGL & GLUT are already installed in the undergrad labs, see the example Makefile in /cs/course/4431/examples/Makefile. Most PC Developer Environments have OpenGL libraries and DLL's and need only GLUT. Linux users may need Mesa and GLUT.

Additional Textbooks


Another useful resource is the SIGGRAPH Five-Minute Career Mentor, The Demo Reel From Hell