Introduction to the Theory of Computation
(2010-11 Summer)

This course introduces basic concepts of theoretical computer science, many of which find practical application. Topics include regular languages (finite automata and regular expressions), context free languages (context free grammars and pushdown automata), recursively enumerable languages (Turing machines, computability, and the Halting Problem) and, time permitting, a brief look at NP completeness.

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Section Time Location Instructor Office Hours Email Address
A Monday 19:00 22:00 SLH E Gordon Turpin Monday 4:00 - 6:30 in CSE 3020 InstructorFirstName@cse.yorku.ca


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Course Evaluation

The course grade will depend on 2 assignments (20%), a midterm exam (35%) and a final exam (45%).

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Assignments (20%)

Midterm (35%)

Final Exam (45%)

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