CSE 3431 Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics

Content covered

I will be using the slides that come with the textbook. Students may download them from the home page of the textbook. The following list will detail the sections that were covered in each week. Note that, as usual, exams cover all the material in the course. This includes all material covered in the lectures as well as the assignments. Moreover, everything covered in class (blackboard, in-class discussions, etc) is also considered examinable content.

OpenGL & GLUT Reference Material

Note that OpenGL & GLUT are already installed in the undergrad labs, see the example Makefile in /cs/course/3431/examples/Makefile. Most PC Developer Environments have OpenGL libraries and DLL's and need only GLUT. Linux users may need Mesa and GLUT.

Additional Resources & Textbooks

Another useful resource is the SIGGRAPH Five-Minute Career Mentor, The Demo Reel From Hell