Assignment 1 - Drawing a fractal curve

Your task is to write a simple OpenGL program that draws a recursive curve. More precisely, you should draw one of the quadratic variants of the Koch curve, which (at each level of recursion) takes each straight segment and replaces it with 8 segments, each of which has 1/4 length of the original segment. For an illustration, see the image below, which shows the first 3 levels of recursion.
The program should show the various levels of recursion successively, so that each level is clearly visible. You must show at least 6 levels. The level of the recursion should change with each mouse click.


Your program must run correctly in the Linux machines in the PRISM lab. You should call your source file a1.c and also submit the Makefile you have been using. Please submit the program with the following command:
           submit 3431 a1 [files]
where [files] are the names of the files you are submitting.